Beta 1 release of Axone (The Beginning)

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    Mon Nov 21 07:10:19 UTC 2016

    Beta 1 release of Axone (The Beginning)

    After months of working on the Axone project, finally, We have decided it’s time to roll out this version for production needs. We hope to find and solve as many issues and bugs as we can before the official release which will be in the beginning of 2017.

    Probably, you’re wondering what is Axone ? Well, there is no guidelines for now on how to use Axone or what does it do but we have added some samples and demos that may help you understand how beneficial axone could be and to show you a few capabilities of Axone epic platform. For a short answer to that question, Axone is a Workflow based system which gives the user freedom to design their business process and publish them to an organization workspace. Every process is a type of form for the customer to fill and submit. So, the only interaction needed between customers and users is to do approval actions on that form. This approach makes Axone extensible and easy to use and ready to scale up.

    Beta 1 features :

    • Creating organization (workspace)
    • Creating Units (groups) private and public.
    • Announcement process.
    • Common Request Type (CRT ).
    • Creating Store Items.
    • Admins unit to give admin privileges on an organization to users.
    • Adding users to groups with or without staff privileges.
    • Blocking Users when they added to unit “blocked”.
    • Deleting units and their requests. Requests moved to “bin” unit after deletion.
    • Renewing subscription.
    • Deleting Organization Request.

    Yasser Harbi

    Nervelife Founder & Developer.

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    Mon Nov 21 07:30:13 UTC 2016


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