The latest product in learning how to build applications and start coding.

Start coding today with confidence

Soma is a web platform for learning the best practices, building applications, frameworks, and tools that evolves our way of coding. Over time we may forget these practices and it will take huge time for us to get back on track, and here where we need a handbook that keeps us sharp and motivated.

Learn by actual examples

Soma's project is a real example of a working product that has been tested and explained in many tutorials and step by step with a handful of techniques.

Tutorials are the best way to learn and practice

Learning something new every day is fun, although, grasping every bit of information is the hardest part. That's why sometimes we just need things that work. Soma's tutorials are simple and easy to follow.

Use the right tool for the right job

Sometimes, we get lazy in finding and looking for other apps or frameworks that empower our skills. Because learning something new takes time. Soma tools are evolving every day to make you choose what you need without worrying about how to use them.